Civil Lab Details

1. Basic Materials Testing Laboratory

The Basic Materials Testing Laboratory intends to train the students in the field of testing of common materials of construction to study their behaviour when subjected to external loading and to obtain their mechanical properties, which are used directly or indirectly in the design of structural elements.



Computerized Universal Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine, Hardness Testing Machines (Vicker's, Brinnell's & Rockwell) Sieve Shaker, electronically operated Strain Gauge, Digital Electric Oven, Weighing Balance, Civil Engineering Models.

2. Engineering Geology Lab

Identification of minerals and rocks depending on the Physical Properties. Study of geological maps and determine the topographical terrain using topographical map. The materials include detailed procedures, exercises based on the problem that develops quantitative problem solving skills, engineering geology applications, and sets of discussion questions that enable readers to evaluate their understanding of the topic. Exercises also include worked examples, bibliographies, and listings of required materials.


Materials and Charts

3D Raised Relief Model/Map-India Geology, Geological Map of India, India Rock and Mineral Map, India Rock Type Map, India Earthquake Map, India Drainage Map, Denudation-II, Groundwater-I: Spring, Geyser & Artesian well ,Groundwater-II: Karst Landscape, Distribution of Earthquakes, Activity of Volcanoes, Continental Drift, Types of Folds, Structure of Earth &Isostasy, Description & Classification of Faults-I, Structural Features of Rocks-I, Latitude & Longitude, Water Resource Development Atlas of India (NATMO),Model of Restless Earth, The Earth Layer Model.

3. Environmental Engineering Laboratory

Environment Engineering is one of the important branch of Civil Engineering that deals with the process of converting the waste water of industries and domestic into usable water. It includes various process of determining the impurities and their level by undergoing various tests and by knowing the amount of impurities, various processes could be done to make that water usable.



COD Digestion Apparatus, Spectrophotometer, BOD Digestion Apparatus, Vertical Autoclave, BOD incubator, Desiccators glass, Muffle Furness, Hot air oven, PH meter, Turbidity meter, Distillation unit, Jar Test Apparatus, Conductivity meter, Hot plate.


4. Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory course is an indispensable supplement to the theory. It covers measuring devices and techniques, error analysis in experimental works and analysis of assumptions in the theory of fluid mechanics.

Hydraulics and fluid mechanics, or the study of liquids, is an important area for Civil Engineers. Whether designing a pipe network, open channels, weirs, notches or working on a pump or turbine, Civil Engineers need to know how the water or liquid is going to move or operate. This allows them to create and maintain important machines that power our everyday world.



Venturimeter and Orificemeter setup, Darcy’s pipe friction apparatus, Notch setup, Weir setup, Vertical orifice setup, Single stage Centrifugal pump, Impact of jet on vanes setup, Calibration of measuring tank setup, Bernoulli’s apparatus, Dead weight pressure gauge, Pelton wheel turbine.


5. Geotechnical engineering laboratory

A typical geotechnical engineering laboratory helps in identifying the engineering behaviour of soil and its application in the various fields of construction. Our Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory is well-equipped with equipments for evaluating all engineering properties of soils including index properties, compaction characteristics, consolidation characteristics and shear strength of soils. These will enable students to perform the experiment and interpret the results of experiments easily.



Sieve Sets and Shakers, Specific Gravity by Pycnometer, Field Density Apparatus, Atterberg limits test apparatus, Direct shear Test Equipment, Tri-axial Test Equipment, Unconfined Compression Test Equipment, CBR Testing Machine, Relative density apparatus, Consolidation Test Equipment, Permeability Test Equipment, Vane Shear Test Equipment, Free Swell Test Equipment


6. Computer application laboratory

Provides facilities which allow civil engineering students to acquire the basic knowledge of computer which can be used for analyse, design and drafting of various civil engineering components using computers application. It includes experiments on analysis and Design of beams, frames, slabs. Drafting of building layouts and survey plans. This will enable students to develop professional design and drawings as per industry standards.


Facilities available

36 PC with good configuration to support modern software application, equipped with modern analysis, design and drafting softwares along with A3 & A4 size printer which enables the students to take printout in the laboratory itself


7. Surveying Practice Laboratory


Surveying is an art of determining relative positions of points on, above or beneath the surface of earth by means of direct or indirect measurements of distance, direction and elevation. Distance can be measured using different types and lengths tapes/chains. Directions are measured using Prismatic and Surveyors compasses. The vertical and horizontal angle between two points can be measured using special instruments like Theodolites. The elevations of the points can be measured using the auto levels.



Tapes/Chains, Prismatic and Surveyors compass, Theodolites, Auto level, Plane table, Total station, Minor instruments like Cylon ghat tracer, Clinometer and Planimete



Civil Engineering Labs





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