Dr. Lokesha M

Mechanical Engineering
Qualification: B.E, M.Tech,PhD
Experience: 27 Years (Teaching)
Dr M. Lokesha is a Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering since 2014. He earned doctorate degree from National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, West Bengal in the area of condition monitoring and Master’s from Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Mysore in Maintenance Engineering. He completed Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Adichunchanagiri Institute of Technology, Chickmagalur. His professional experience includes 13 years of teaching in India and 14 years of teaching in 3 overseas countries, totalling 27 years. During his tenure, he has published many research papers and study materials in condition monitoring and CAD/CAM field. His areas of research are condition monitoring and signal analysis, mechanical vibration analysis and control, artificial intelligence. He is on the editorial board and technical reviewer for many international journals and conferences

Research Interest

Vibration measurement analysis and control, Condition Monitoring of rotating Machinery, Fault diagnosis and ANN application


International Journals

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International Conferences

  • Lokesha, M., Manik Chandra Majumder, Ramachandran, K.P. and Khalid Fathi Abdul Raheem (2012) Fault diagnosis in gears using Laplace wavelet kurtosis. Proceedings of International Conference on Challenges and Opportunities in Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management Studies, (ICCOMIM - 2012), pp. 170-174

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  • Neelakantha V. Londe,T Jayaraju,CR Rajashekar, T K Chandrashekar,Lokesha M,V Ramesha (2015) Determination of Fracture Toughness in Tensile Fracture and Fatigue Fracture of Steels, International Conference on Aeronautical, Robotics and Manufacturing Engineering (ARME'2015) Bangkok (Thailand)




Visionary Management and committed faculty. Withina short span of 5 years, it will be one of the Top Ten Colleges.
Dr. J Kumar, Director
EBET Group of Insitutions, Tamil Nadu
The Campus is very impressive in terms of locale, infrasructure and facilities. Results and reputations will take care by itself in the years to come.
Mr. Madhusudan Bhat S
Senior Intelligence Officer, Director of Revenue Intelligence
Institution being built with International perspective and clearly reflect the long term vision.
Mr. Suresh Bhat
Director, NITK STEP
Excellent Organization, runs like an efficient Industry.
Mr. Nataraja C
General Manager, Robert Bosch Eng & Business Solutions Ltd
MITE is a a very ambitious, aspirational technical institute with abundant possibilities. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in the college and realized MITE has a set of passionate people who wants to make a difference to student community in impacting life skills.
Mr. Naganagouda S Jakkanagoudar
Director & Head - Campus TA, MindTree Limited
Management Vision to make this Institute a mirror of Indstry's requirement is highly commendable. Properly nurtured, would beat IIT's.
Mr. R S Rajkumar, Executive VP
Business Unit Head, Bosch Rexroth (India) Ltd.
Excellent Infrastructure, Good culture and ambience. A great potential for growth.
Dr. D K Subramanian,Dean & Professor , IISc (Rtd)
President FAER, Distinguished Fellow IDRBT, Advisor, TCS Ltd, Bengaluru
I am quite exceited to see the most innovative & World class Institution led by the visionary Rajesh Chowta
Mr. M Veerappa Moily
Former Union Minister, GoI