See it! To Believe it! But don't Miss It!

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.

Pencil Sketching

- 2 entries per college.
-Time: 90 Minutes.
-Topic will be given on the spot.
-Only drawing sheets will be provided, rest of the necessary stationary must be brought by the participant.

Dreams on Canvas (Painting)

- 2 entries per college.
-Individual event.
-Time: 2 Hours.
-Sheets will be provided, Colours and other accessories to be brought by the participants.
-Theme will be given on the spot.

Hand Art (Mehendi)

-2 entries per college.
-Time: 60 Minutes.
-Mehendi cones should be brought by the participant.
-The participant must get a person to apply Mehendi.


-1 participant per college.
-Time: 2 hrs.
-The participant should prepare a Rangoli within the space provided.
-No using of readymade design (stencils).
-Only colour powder is allowed.
-Participants shall bring their own events.

Arty Stix

--2 make a team.
- 2 teams per college
-Time: 1 hour.
-Glue, Ribbons, Colour papers and Ice Cream sticks will be provided.
-Participants have to show their creativity in the allotted time using given materials.


-Maximum number of participants in a team is 3.
- 2 teams per college
-Time: 90 Minutes.
-Theme will be given an hour before.
-Materials should be brought by participants (glue, cello tape, magazines, newspapers etc)
-Drawing sheets will be provided.

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