Daily Events

See it! To Believe it! But don't Miss It!

Rightfully labelled as "everyone's and anyone's event" SENTIA-2017 Daily Events guarantees to be the perfect companion for the fun lover in you, whether it is between events or over lunch. Ensuring fun from the very moment the paper reaches your clutches. With several entertainers along the lines of brain teasing puzzles, cryptic clues & engaging wordplay, compressed into a single sheet of paper, you can be definitely sure of the many entertaining and fun filled moments that awaits you this SENTIA.

Test Your IQ

-It is a set of written events comprising of puzzles, anagrams, trivia, crosses, rebuses etc.
-The event format might be changed from day to day.
–There will be no finals.
-The registration for this event will be done near the basket ball court.
-The composition of the team might vary from a maximum of 1 to 2 members per team from day to day. Information regarding this will be provided on the question sheet or document.
-All entries MUST be submitted before the deadline mentioned on the respective event sheet.
-Further rules and clarifications will be provided on the question sheet/document.
-The team winning will add bonus points to their respective colleges.

Minute to Win It

-Any task / series of tasks which will give on the spot to be performed in a minute’s time.
-Two make a team. Registrations are allowed only for first 25 teams. One team per college.
-Spot registration.
-The team winning will add bonus points to their respective colleges.

Challenge Me

- Spot registration.
-Bowler will bowl one over
-Target will be set for the Batsmen.
-In the nets, each section will have particular runs.
-The runs will be awarded on the basis of where the ball hits the first section.
-All rules will be as per ICC standards.

Just Dance

- Select a song of your choice.
-Participants must mimic the routine of an onscreen dancer to a chosen song.
-Entry Fee :   ₹20/participant