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Music is the strongest form of magic which can be witnessed.(Music is a way of living).

Semi Classical Solo Singing

- Light Music Genres such as Bhavageetha, folk song, devotional song (Dasara Keerthane/Marathi Abhang), ghazals are allowed.
-2 entries per college.
-Duration: 4+1 = 5 minutes.
-Participants can bring their own musical instruments like Tanpura, Electronic Tanpura, Table, Mrudangam, Violin, etc. for accompaniment.

Western Solo Singing

- 2 entries per college.
-It is a solo performance.
-Duration: 3+1 = 4 minutes
-Participants are allowed to use any kind of musical instrument, karaoke for best performance.

Filmy –Duet Singing

-2 participants make a team (Male-Male, Female-Female, & Male-Female).
- 2 entries per college.
-Duration: 4+1 = 5 minutes.
-Participants can take help of Musical Instrument Accompanists or Karaoke for Best Performance.

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