Special Event

See it! To Believe it! But don't Miss It!

Some love Silence but to many its a Poison. So If you belong to the latter Your exactly at the right place. The beats ,the tempo, the electrifying notes of guitar ,the drums, the vocals the Rock and Roll... Feel the Imagination? Just wait until you see it!

Sentia - 2017 Presents

Battle of Bands

-Team Size: 3-7 members.
-First 5 teams will be allowed.(Invite Only)
-Time: 20 minutes (Setup time-5 minutes and Performance time-15 minutes).
-Electric instruments can be used.
-Participants are allowed to bring their own equipment, subject to Discretion of Organisers.
Judging Criteria:
-Quality of Vocals, Instruments, Synchronization, Tightness, Choice of Song, Overall performance.