The Alumni Meet is held twice every year. The Bangalore Chapter Alumni Meet is held in the month of September and MITE Local chapter Alumni Meet is held at MITE during the last week of March. For more details , keep watching this space and MITE FB Page


MITE Local Chapter Meet 2018

The Local Chapter of MITE Alumni Association was held on March 30th 2018 at MITE Campus. The Event was attended by our distinguished Alumni members. The formal meeting was held at the Auditorium with an interaction with the Alumni, where we discussed on how the Alumni members can involved in strengthening and progressing the Institute. The Alumni Members also proposed to contribute to the establishment of ‘MITE INNOVATION CENTER’ at the Academic Block. Dr. G L Easwara Prasad, Principal briefed about the Institution’s annual progress. Mr. Rajesh Chouta, Chairman, presented the vision for the Institute in the days to come. He also informed the Members about the two Incubation Projects that has been sanctioned by the MSME, Govt. of India and NAIN, Govt of Karnataka. He also invited Alumni members to submit innovative proposals under the MSME Incubation project and become an Entrepreneur.

MITE Alumni Bangalore Chapter Meet 2017 : November 11th 2017 –

The Bangalore Chapter of MITE Alumni Association conducted the Annual 2017 alumni meet on the 11th November 2017. The event was conducted at Hotel Ramanshree, Bangalore. The event witnessed around 250 Alumni members attending. The event also had The Leadership Team of MITE led by Dr. G L Easwara Prasad and all Heads of the Dept attending the meet. Dr. G L Easwara Prasad, gave a presentation on the progress the Institute has taken in the last one year. Also, Principal briefed about the multiple National awards our student projects have won. Alumni Members of different batches came forwarded and presneted their views on strengthening the competencies of our Students. Chairman Mr. Rajesh chouta invited the alumni members to visit college and interact students and give talk/ conduct workshops that will help the students career.

MITE Local Chapter Meet 2017 – March 24th 2017 :

The Local Chapter of MITE Alumni Association met on March 24th 2017 at MITE Campus Moodabidri, on the even of Decennial celebrations. The meet was more special with an exclusive day reserved for the cultural programs of Alumni members on the eve of Sentia.

MITE Alumni Bangalore Chapter — Inauguration The Alumni Association : Bangalore Chapter was inagurated at the Alumni Meet during Feb 2014 conducted at Bangalore. The event was attended by many of the Members of our Prestigious Alumni Community.