The department of Chemistry established in 2007 with the mission to feed the budding Engineers with finer aspects of science, which make them to understand, exploit and innovative new arena, which contributes to the technological advancement of tomorrow in the field of Chemistry at UG level.

The staff members involve themselves in the welfare of the First year students. They have very good teacher-student interaction and all the teachers are student mentors also. This ensures good academic performance of the students. The department is also involved in active research in the fields such as dye adsorption studies, desalination studies, organic synthesis and biological studies and corrosion inhibition studies.

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To provide enduring learning environment that facilitates the students to pursue their higher education. To train the students with diverse skills to work professionally in several fields through innovative teaching and learning process.


To achieve our objectives in an environment that enhances creativity, innovation and scholarly pursuits while adhering to our vision.

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Dr. Vineetha Telma D’Souza

Position: Associate Professor & HOD
Phone: 9945420621

Educational qualification

MSc, PhD

Total experience

19 Years

Area of Interest

  • Synthetic organic Chemistry
  • Environmental Science

Workshops/FDP’S/SDP’S Attended


Conference/Journal Publications

  • Vineetha Telma D’Souza, JanardhanaNayak,Desmond Edward D’Mello and P Dayananda “Synthesis and characterization of biologically important quinoline incorporated triazole derivatives”, Journal of molecular structure, Vol.1229, 2021, pp 1-15.
  • Vineetha Telma D’Souza, Janardhana Nayak, Desmond Edward D’Mello and Dayananda P, “Synthesis, Characterization of Some 6/8 Substituted 2-Chloro-3- Formyl Quinoline Incorporated,3-Thiazoles/1,3-Benzothiazoles And Their Biological Studies”, International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, Vol.29 (08), 2020, pp 1904-1912.
  • Janardhana Nayak, P. Dayananda and Vineetha Telma D’Souza,“Synthesis and antimicrobial studies of (E)-N-((2- chloro-6-substituted quinolin-3-yl)methylene)-4-(substituted phenyl)-6-phenyl-2H-thiazene-2-amines”, Chemical Data Collections, Vol.24, 2019,  pp1-6.
  • Vineetha Telma D’Souza, Janardhana Nayak, ShivaprasadShetty M, Dayananda P and Anil Kumar SH, “Synthesis of Quinoline Containing Pyrazolone Derivatives and their Biological Studies”, Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research, Vol.10(11), 2018 pp 33-40.
  • Dayananda P, Janardhana Nayak, RameshaBhata and, VineethaTelma D’Souza,“Synthesis, Characterisation and Antimicrobial studies of 4, 6-Disubtuted phenyl – (5-subsutied phenyl -1, 3, 4-thiadiazol-2-yl) -1, 4, 5, 6-tetrahydro pyrimidine-2-thiols”, International Journal of ChemTech Research, Vol.11 No.11, 2018, pp 139-145.
  • Vineetha Telma D’Souza, Janardhana Nayak, “Synthesis and Characterization of Biologically Important (E)-1-(2Chloro/hydroxy-6/8-substituted quinolin-3-yl)-N-[5-(4-substitued phenyl)1, 3, 4-thiadiazol-2-yl]methanimines”, Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Special Issue 1, 2018, pp 62–65.

Dr. Vineetha Telma D’Souza

Associate Professor & HOD


Mrs. Ashwini A Kamath

Position: Senior Assistant Professor
Phone: #

Educational Qualification : MSc. (PhD)

Total Experience : 12.5 years

Areas of Interest : Teaching, Literature & Arts.

Departmental Responsibilities: NBA Coordinator

Professional Memberships : Nil

Subjects Handled : Engineering Chemistry and Engineering Chemistry Lab

Workshops / FDPs / SDPs / STTPs Attended/Conducted : 5

Conference / Journal Publications :

  • Ashwini A Kamath, Dr.Nandini R,“Removal of malachite green dye in aqueous solution by Activated Custard apple (Annona Squamosa) Peel Powder”International Journal of Applied Chemistry , November 2018, 0973-1792.
  • Ashwini A Kamath, Nandini R , Vishweshwara M , “Comparative Study of Removal Efficiency of Cationic Dyes by Chromolaena odorata weed powder” , International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 2020, 11776-789.

Funded Projects : nil

Mrs. Ashwini A Kamath

Senior Assistant Professor

Mr. Guruprasad A M

Position: Senior Assistant Professor
Phone: #
Email: #

Educational Qualification :

M.Sc (PhD)

Total Experience :

12 years

Areas of Interest :

Corrosion Studies, Water treatment

Departmental Responsibilities :

Examination Co-ordinator

Subjects Handled :

Engineering Chemistry, Engineering Chemistry Laboratory.

Workshops / FDPs / SDPs / STTPs Attended/Conducted :09

Conference / Journal Publications :

  • 1.Comparative Study of Corrosion Inhibition Capacities of Seroquel and Clotrimazole Drug Intermediates on Zinc Metal Surface in Acidic Corrosive Medium. Guruprasad A M, Sachin H P. International Journal of Scientific & Engineering. February 2021
  • Corrosion Inhibitive Capacity of Vanillin-Based Schiff Base for Steel in 1 M HCl. G.Banuprakash, B.M Prasanna, MSanthosh, A.M Guruprasad, R.S Malladi. J. Fail. Anal. and Preven. October 2020
  • Corrosion inhibition of zinc in 0.1 M hydrochloric acid medium with clotrimazole: Experimental, theoretical and quantum studies. M Guruprasad , H.P. Sachin,G.A. Swetha, B.M. Prasanna..Surfaces and Interfaces. June, 2020
  • Rizatriptan Benzoate as Corrosion Inhibitor for Mild Steel in Acidic Corrosive Medium: Experimental and Theoretical Analysis.A Swetha, H.P.Sachin,     A.M.Guruprasad , B. M. Prasanna. J.Fail. Anal. and Preven. August, 2019
  • Adsorption and inhibitive properties of seroquel drug for the corrosion of zinc in 0.1 M hydrochloric acid solution.M Guruprasad , H.P. Sachin,G.A. Swetha, B.M. Prasanna. International Journal of Industrial Chemistry. March, 2019
  • Use of Seroquel as an Effective Corrosion Inhibitor for Low Carbon Steel in 1 M HCl.A Swetha, H.P.Sachin,     A.M.Guruprasad , B. M. Prasanna
  • Corrosion Inhibition of Mild Steel by Capacitabine in Hydrochloric Acid Medium.M Guruprasad , H.P. Sachin,G.A. Swetha. Asian Journal of  Chemistry. January 2018.

Funded Projects :


Mr. Guruprasad A M

Senior Assistant Professor

Dr. Aparna P I Bhat

Position: Senior Assistant Professor
Phone: #

Educational Qualification : M.Sc, Ph.D

Total Experience : NIL

Areas of Interest : Nanomaterials, Energy systems, Catalyis

Departmental Responsibilities : NIL

Professional Memberships : NIL

Subjects Handled : Engineering Chemistry, Engineering Chemistry Laboratory

Workshops / FDPs / SDPs / STTPs Attended/Conducted : 05

Conference / Journal Publications:

  • Aparna P.I Bhatand Badekai Ramachandra Bhat. (2014). “Single Step Oxidative Homocoupling of Aryl Grignard Reagents via Co(II), Ni(II) and Cu(II) Complexes under air.” Organomet. Chem., 28(6), 383-388.
  • Aparna P.I. Bhat, Fawad Inam and Badekai Ramachandra Bhat. (2013). “Nickel catalyzed one pot synthesis of biaryls under air at room temperature.” RSC Adv., 3, 22191–22198.
  • Aparna P.I. Bhat, Fawad Inam and Badekai Ramachandra Bhat (2013). “One-Step Synthesis of Biaryls under Mild Conditions” J. Org. Chem., 2013, 7139–7144.
  • I. Aparnaand Badekai Ramachandra Bhat (2012). “Homocoupling of aryl Grignard reagents to form biaryls using ruthenium(III) complex, [RuCl(C3S5)(H2O)(PPh3)2].” J. Mol. Catal. A: Chem., 358, 73–78.

Funded Projects : NIL

Dr. Aparna P I Bhat

Senior Assistant Professor


The department has very good infrastructure consisting of 200 meter laboratory with departmental library.
Major Equipments in the lab:

  • Flame photometer
  • Conductivity meter
  • Colorimeter
  • pH meter
  • Potentiometer
  • Hot air oven and Hot plates etc

Research Center

Department of chemistry is a VTU recognized research centre since August 2013. This research centre with sufficient area has basic facilities required to work on different fields of organic and physical chemistry. Many of our faculty have also registered for the PhD from VTU and actively engaged in the research work in thrust areas of dye adsorption studies, organic synthesis and biological activities, corrosion inhibition studies etc.

The research lab has the following facilities: Orbital shaker, Water bath,  Water distillation unit, Hot air oven, Heating mantle, pH meter, Conductivity meter etc.

Research scholars pursuing PhD at the Research Center

  • Mrs. Ashwini A Kamath
  • Mr Vishweshwara M.


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