Duration: 4 years

This is a very specialized branch which imparts knowledge and training in Digital Signal Processing, Integrated Circuit in a large scale, advanced cam topics, data processing and operating process and system. The students can choose an appropriate combination of subjects depending on their interest. Core studies in this branch include Electronic fundamentals, electric and electronic circuit design, digital fundamentals, Micro processors, Microwaves and Radar, and Communication and networking.


Analog Circuits Lab
The elemental principles and components of electronic circuits are introduced to the students in detail in two sessions of Basic Electronics Lab during the third and fourth semesters.

Digital Circuits Lab
It provides the foundation for Digital Electronics and Digital System Design. This involves the study of basic digital gates, shift registers, counters, logic families, multi vibrators etc.

Microprocessor Lab
Microprocessor lab imparts training in basic programming techniques, 1/0 interfacing and peripheral device interfacing of 8085/8086 Microprocessor

Communication Systems Lab
This lab caters to a curriculum comprising of experiments on communication techniques like AM, FM, PM, mixer and filtering etc. This lab also includes the study of PLL, filters, oscillators etc


Signal Processing Lab
The purpose of this lab is to familiarise students with the DSP development workstations by examining sampling analysis, and reconstruction of continuous time signals

Test Lab
The Test Lab is provided with the facilities to check the practicality of the projects designed by students and to develop circuit designing skills.

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