International Conference organized at MITE

International Conference organized at MITE

The International Conference on ‘Intelligent Systems in Computing and Communications, ISCComm-2023’ was inaugurated on 8th December 2023 at Mangalore Institute of Technology & Engineering (MITE), a premier Autonomous Engineering and Management Studies College at Moodabidri.  The Two Day International conference is dwelling on Keynote Talks, Research publications and discussions on the advanced technologies and optimizing solutions in various disciplines of computer science and Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning & Electronics and Communication Engineering.

The International Conference was inaugurated by Mr. Rajesh Chouta, Chairman, Rajalaxmi Education Trust, and Dr. Ashok Rao, Former Head, Network Project, CEDT, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru. In his inaugural discourse, Mr. Rajesh Chouta underscored the imperative incorporation of a culture of research and innovation within the engineering community. He articulated that for national advancement, a concerted focus on innovation is paramount, and conferences of this nature furnish an auspicious platform for researchers to engage with their counterparts, thereby facilitating the identification of avant-garde solutions. Furthermore, Mr. Chouta accentuated the centrality of research and innovation within the precincts of MITE, exhorting both students and faculty to cultivate a penchant for unorthodox thinking and the development of inventive solutions.

In his oration, Dr. Ashok Rao implored the younger generation to actively engage in scholarly pursuits. He expounded upon the notion that the efficacious resolution of numerous research quandaries often requires no more than a brief interlude of discourse and networking within the precincts of such conferences. Dr. Rao thus underscored the invaluable opportunities for intellectual exchange and collaborative problem-solving that are afforded by these gatherings, suggesting that a mere few minutes of interaction therein may yield profound solutions to a myriad of research challenges.

The Conference had an introductory Keynote on “Past, Present and Future of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning” by Dr. Mahadeva Prasanna S R, Professor, Dean (FW, R&D), IIT Dharwad. In his keynote address, Dr. Mahadeva Prasanna traced AI’s journey from slow beginnings in the mid-20th century to today’s revolution. He highlighted rapid technological advancements, increased computational power, and big data availability as catalysts. Deep neural networks and advancements in algorithms, particularly deep learning, have propelled breakthroughs in image recognition and natural language processing, impacting industries like healthcare, finance, and autonomous vehicles. As AI becomes pervasive, ethical concerns around biases, data privacy, and job displacement are prioritized. The future holds potential for AI integration in daily life, shaping decision-making, healthcare, and job roles, with emphasis on human-centric skills. Automation, real-time processing, and collaboration are key trends, guided by societal values and proactive risk management.

This was followed with another Keynote Talk on “Biometric based Access Control: The Way Ahead” by Dr. Raghavendra Ramachandra, Professor, Dept. of Information Security & Communication Technology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway. In his keynote Dr. Raghavendra emphasized the future trajectory of biometric security. Highlighting its significance, he outlined advancements, challenges, and the evolving landscape. The talk delved into cutting-edge technologies and potential applications, shedding light on the transformative role of biometrics in access control. Dr. Ramachandra’s insights provided a forward-looking perspective, offering valuable considerations for the integration and development of biometric-based security systems in the evolving digital landscape.

The conference also had another Keynote Talk on “Applications of Data Science” by Ms. Shanti Sekhar, Professor, Training Vision Institute, Singapore on 9th December. The Conference had a total of 78 presentations that have been shortlisted from 245 paper submissions from Researchers across the world.

The conference is sponsored by the Platinum Partner Canara Bank and Silver Partner MRPL Mangaluru.