Dr. Venkatramana Bhat P


Dr. Venkatramana Bhat P

Position: Professor & HOD
Phone: 8073516578
Joining Date: 08-06-2015

Educational Qualification

B.E – Electrical and Electronics Engineering

M.Tech – Computer Science and Engineering

P.hD – Computer Science and Engineering(Data Communication in Wireless Sensor Networks)

Total Experience

34 Years

Areas of Interest

  • Data structures & Algorithms
  • Computer Networks
  • Database System
  • Wireless Sensor Networks

Professional Memberships

  • Life Member of The Indian Society for Technical Education ISTE) LM 117730
  • The Member of Institution of Engineers (India) AM-71355-7

Subjects Handled

  • Data structures and Applications
  • Design &Analysis of Algorithms
  • Database Management Systems
  • System Software and Compiler Design
  • Data Communication
  •  Computer Networks
  • OOP with C++
  • Advanced Microprocessors
  • Advanced Computer Architecture
  • Software Engineering
  • Advanced DBMS
  • Computer Concept & C-Programming
  • Unix System Programming                               

Workshops / FDPs / SDPs / STTPs Attended/Conducted


Conference / Journal Publications :

International Journal Publications

  • Venkatramana Bhat,  Sunil Kumar S,  paper titled “Simple Energy Efficient Adaptive Sampling interval approach for Sensor Node” published in Compliance Engineering Journal, ISSN No : 0898-3577, Volume 11, Issue 6, 2020, Page No: 428-440. DOI:16.10089.CEJ.2020.V11I6.285311.3136
  • Manjunatha A S, DR. Venkatramana Bhat ” Review  On Security  in Wireless Sensor  Network “,  Journal of Critical Reviews –JCR 2020; 7(11): 3533-3536. doi:10.31838/jcr.07.19.493  September 14, 2020
  • Sunil Kumar S, Ganesh Aithal and P.Venkatatamana Bhat, ““Design, Calibration And Experimental study of low cost resistive based soil moisture sensor for detecting moisture at different depth of soil” presented in International conference on Artificial Intelligence and Data Engineering(AIDE 2019) at NMAMIT, Nitte and published as book chapter in book titled “Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Data Engineering” in Springer book series “Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing”  bearing ISBN No. 978-981-15-3513-0
  • Soumya P C, Dr. Venkatramana Bhat P “ Sentiment Analysis of Review Data Using Naïve Bayesian Classification Algorithm” International Journal for Research in Engineering Application & Management (IJREAM) ISSN : 2454-9150 Vol-03, Issue 02, Apr 2017 Page no.72-75
  • Soumya P C, Dr. Venkatramana Bhat P “ Sentiment Analysis of Customers Using Product Feedback Data under Hadoop Framework” International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research (IJCIR) ISSN : 0973-1873 Vol-13,Number 5(2017),pp.1083-1091.
  • Ashwitha Jain, Dr. Venkatramana Bhat P, “Analysis of Bill of Material data using Kafka and Spark” International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, ISSN 2250-3153, Volume 6, Issue 8, August 2016 Page no.44-48
  • VenkatramanaBhat P, Shridhar Aithal,Sudhakara Adiga, “WSN in Disastrous area Management” International Journal of Computer Networking, Wireless and Mobile Communications (IJCNWMC) ISSN(P): 2250-1568; ISSN(E): 2278-9448 Vol. 4, Issue 5, Dec 2014, 13-24 © TJPRC Pvt. Ltd.
  • VenkatramanaBhat P, ShridharAithal,SudhakaraAdiga, “Data Communication in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks”International Journal of Computer Applications(0975-8887) Volume 56-No.17,October 2012 page no.34-41.
  • VenkatramanaBhat P, ShridharAithal, “An Algorithm For Group Formation In Wireless Sensor Network”,International Journal of Information Processing(IJIP)”.ISSN 0973-8215/volume 4/ number 4/ 2010 page no.46-53

International Conferences

  • VenkatramanaBhat P, ShridharAithal, “Sink Connectivity Based Grouping Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network”, International Conference on Computer Architecture,Networking and Applications, N.M.A.M.I.T.Nitte, January 7th and  8th
  • VenkatramanaBhat P, ShridharAithal, “An Algorithm For Group Formation In Wireless Sensor Network”, International Conference on Information Processing, UVCE, Bangalore, August 6th to 8th
  • ShridharAithal, VenkatramanaBhat P, “Real Time Group Association monitoring in  Wireless Sensor Network ”, International Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks, VIT, Vellore, Dec 12th to 15th

Funded Projects

  • “ Technology Aided Agriculture Optimization”( VGST funded project of 40 Lakh)