Mr. Narendra U P

Position: Associate Professor & Dean (Training & Placement)
Phone: 9986076676

Educational Qualifications

  • B. E. – Computer Sc & Engg
  • M. Tech. – Computer Network Engg
  • Pursuing Ph.D in Computer Sc Engg (Knowledge Management Systems)

Experience : 20 Years (Teaching) + 1 Years (Industry)


Professional Membership :

1. Life Member of ISTE

2. IEEE Member


Conference / Journal Publications :

  • Narendra, U. P., M. Prabhakar, and B. S. Pradeep. “Autonomous Educational Knowledge Management System using Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation.” Solid State Technology1s (2020): 2141-2149.
  • Narendra, U. P., M. Prabhakar, and B. S. Pradeep. “The pertinence of Autonomous Educational Knowledge Management System using Artificial Intelligence in the times of Covid-19.” Solid State Technology4 (2020): 1279-1286.
  • Narendra U P, Dr. M Prabhakar, Dr. Pradeep B S. (2020). Framework for Knowledge Management on Education. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology29(06), 2122 – 2128.
  • Narendra, U. P., B. S. Pradeep, and M. Prabhakar. “Externalization of tacit knowledge in a knowledge management system using chat bots.” 2017 3rd International Conference on Science in Information Technology (ICSITech). IEEE, 2017.
  • Narendra U P, Dr. B S Pradeep, Dr. M Prabhakar, ‘A study on the role of Knowledge Management Technologies in Education’, 2017 International Conference on Current Trends in Computer, Electrical, Electronics and Communication (CTCEEC), Mysore, 2017
  • Narendra U P, Dr. B S Pradeep, “Externalizing tacit Information for a Knowledge Management System”, International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing (ICAISC – 2013), Singapore March 3rd2013
  • NarendraU P, Dr B S Pradeep “Issues in implementing Knowledge Management”, IOSR Journal of Computer
  • Engineering,Vol 7, Issue 6, Nov-Dec 2012, pp 31- Sep 25th – 27th 2012.
  • Narendra U  P,  Dr  B  S  Pradeep  “Framework  for  Knowledge  Management  in  Engineering  Institute”,  Fourth International Conference on Computational Intelligence, Modeling and Simulation, (CIMSiM), Kuantan, Malaysia, Sep 25th – 27th 2012.
  • NarendraU P, Dr B S Pradeep “Framework for implementing Knowledge Management in Engineering Institute”, International Conference on Mechanical Electrical and Computer Engineering, Singapore Aug 4th
  • Narendra U  P,  Jayashree  R,  Jyothi  Nayak,     “Analysis  of  Content  and  Collaborative  based  Filtering  and
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  • Narendra U.P, Prof. KSrikantamurthy,  S Natarajan, “An approach towards improvement of Quality in Technical education in empowering India”, National Seminar, 10th ISTE State Level Convention, 23-24 Nov 06
  • NarendraU P ,’Telephone Communication for Deaf & Dumb’, Showcase-06, International Technical symposium, Dept of CSA, IISc, Apr’
  • NarendraU P, “Ensuring Sustainable Development through Quality Improvement in Technical Education”, National Seminar, 8th State level ISTE Convention, KVGCE Sullia, Nov’ 05