Ms. Shwetha R J

Ms. Shwetha R J

Position: Assistant Professor
Phone: #

Educational qualification

BE – Information Science and Engineering

M.Tech – Computer Science and Engineering

Total experience

4 Years

Area of Interest

  • IoT
  • AI

Professional Memberships


Subjects Handled

  • Computer Networks
  • Algorithms, Machine learning
  • IoT
  • Object Oriented Design and Modelling

Workshops/FDP’S/SDP’S Attended


Conference/Journal Publications

  • Shwetha R J, Srinath M,  “Intelligent traffic signal management system using cloud vision API and Machine Learning” ,International Journal of Computer Applications (0975 – 8887),International Conference on Recent Trends in Technologies, ICRTT- 2018, SDMIT ,UJIR, POSTED ON JANUARY 6, 2019 BY IJERT