MITE Foundation for Innovation Research and Startups through Technology 

(Registered under the Companies Act, 2013 (18 of 2013))

The MITE Foundation for Innovation Research and Startups through Technology (MITE-FIRST) is established under the aegis of the Rajalaxmi Education Trust Mangalore. MITE-FIRST is registered under the Company Act, 2013(18 of 2013). The Foundation has been leading transformation and a paradigm shift towards innovation through technologies by providing a comprehensive eco-system on building solutions that are sustainable and address societal issues. The efforts of the foundation have resulted in MITE turning to be a hub for innovation and young startups.

MITE FIRST focuses on agro-tech, social innovation, and software services, identifies innovative ideas from students, faculty, and alumni, and extends technical, financial, and legal aid. The foundation works in conjunction with the Entrepreneurship Development Cell, Incubation Center and the Research Council to identify the emerging ideas, provide support and elevate them to startups that can disrupt businesses.

With MITE having an industry-standard Incubation Center, grants from the Government of Karnataka and MSME Government of India, the MITE foundation further fuels the innovation ecosystem on campus with funding for innovative ideas. The incubation Center currently houses three Alumni Startups, 20 idea incubates and provides an infrastructure that boosts innovation.


To support and foster innovators and organizations that are encompassing, multi-disciplinary, and has a societal ambit


To enable grassroots communities to develop technological solutions by providing essential infrastructure, technical and legal aid
To imbibe and empower innovators with the requisite problem-solving skills, inquisitiveness, experimentation, networking, and empowering leadership


Prof. Narendra U P
Coordinator – MITE Incubation Center
Dean (T&P)
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