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Do you have an idea? An Idea that could disrupt and transform. Do you aspire to be an entrepreneur? Then, you are here at the right place. We at MITE understand that entrepreneurship is the future of the global economy and have realized the shift in temperament towards self-employment. The institution is in the mission of aiding the young aspiring entrepreneurs as global forecasts say that almost one third of millennial today aspire to some form of entrepreneurial venture.

MITE has set up a conducive ecosystem for the startup culture to flourish with the best infrastructure, training, and mentorship. The Entrepreneurship Development Cell strives to identify, nurture and support budding entrepreneurs. The extensive efforts of the cell have shown results with a large number of Alumni starting their independent ventures. The institution indeed takes pride in the shaping young Men & Women who aspire to change the future and be part of their journey.

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The institution has state-of-the-art incubation center spanning over 5895 sq.ft  on par with industry standard.  The Center has air-conditioned Office spaces, Meeting rooms and high-speed internet connectivity with the best configured computers. The incubatees are extended access to all the laboratories. The center has mentors from Industry as well as successful local entrepreneurs on-board. The Center extends technical, management and legal support to the young entrepreneurs who have just begun to take-off.

Entrepreneurs from MITE


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The endeavors of MITE to shape young business icons of tomorrow got the lift with the grants from Government of India and the state Government of Karnataka. The grant of over INR. 2 Crores is in fact turning dreams for young engineers who wish to start own their own, offering wings to their dreams.

MITE K-Tech Innovation Hub

(Powered by Dept. of IT, BT and S&T, Government of Karnataka)

The Center has received a grant of INR.1.2 Crores through the New Age Innovation Network (NAIN) Scheme. Every year 10 innovative student business ideas are supported with seed funding of upto INR. 3Lakhs along with the necessary infrastructure, technical and legal aid.

MSME Support for Entrepreneurial and Managerial Development of SMEs through Incubators

(Powered by MSME, Government of India)

The Incubation Center has been granted INR. 65 Lakhs through the Support for Entrepreneurial & Managerial Development of SME through Incubator Scheme. The business incubator extends financial seed funding up to INR. 6 to 8 Lakhs for technology innovations by young entrepreneurs.

If you would want to take-off right away, write to us at We are here to help you turn your idea to reality!


20 student innovative ideas, from Two different Phases, are incubated at MITE and have received seed funding of up to 3 Lakhs for prototype development. Each Phase of Idea Incubation constituted of Ideathon event followed by shortlisting by Industry experts. These projects were shortlisted through Pitch Presentation from amongst 100+ innovative ideas submitted by students from across various branches of engineering. Top 30 teams were trained on feasibility tests, business plan writing and pitch presentation. The incubates are mentored by industry experts and entrepreneurs.



MED E-Drones

INR 2.55 Lakhs

The team aims to cater to a large Indian population that still has issues accessing emergency medical facilities. Lack of medical infrastructure, poor road conditions worsen the cases during emergencies and cases when first-hand medical aid is essential to prevent casualty. The team is working on developing a Medical Emergency Drone which can travel faster and mitigate infrastructural issues. The drone can give AED in emergency cases, carry the medicines so that a trained practitioner at the scene would have not been possible. This drone would help stabilize the patient till the medical services arrive or the patient could be taken over to a nearby hospital which can be critical.

AGUA – The Smart Water Bottle

INR 2.46 Lakhs

Smart water bottles are a huge breakthrough for those of us trying (and sometimes failing) to be healthier. Agua the Smart bottle, tracks users’ water intake and is typically sync with a mobile phone app to keep hydration cues updated in real-time and chart the goals. This bottle is one of the best smart water bottles for those who need constant reminders because it glows to remind the user to keep drinking water. The smart bottle is accustomed to an app that would have BMI information and also provides workout routine or extra goals that need to be achieved.

The Food Ambulance

INR 2.65 Lakhs

The team of Computer Engineers intends to tap on the avenues of food delivery services at night in tier 2 cities. The Food Ambulance is being developed to have on-demand food delivery services with additional features for night mode, subscriptions & food levels when compared to the features that customers are enabled with the current food delivery ecosystem. It will be all one place for all the food cravings with exhaustive features.


INR 2.69 Lakhs

The team is developing polarised windshield glasses for cars as the light is usually scattered in all directions, but when it’s reflected from flat surfaces, it tends to become polarised and this creates an annoying effect and sometimes tends to become dangerous causing glare and reduces visibility. Polarised lenses contain a special filter that blocks this type of intense reflected light, reducing glare. The team is using a composition of polarised glasses for the windshield. These are anti-glare glasses that will protect eyes from Troxler’s effect and ensure clarity and control by transforming distorted and distracting light into a crystal clear view.


INR 2.33 Lakhs

The team is developing an intelligent sprayer for the areca nut plantations as it is a predominant crop in the Dakshina Kannada region. The machine will optimize the chemical spraying mechanism by spraying only the required amount of chemical to areca nuts, which are developed using machine learning algorithms. The project indeed is a savior for the farmers who are witnessing a dearth of skilled labor already. The machine with its detachable tool heads enables the operator to use the product as a sprayer or harvester. The camera-based system reduces workload, achieves high safety, and also reduces the fatigue of laborers.


INR 2.45 Lakhs

The team is developing a portable Instant NPK Analyser to aid farmers. The user-friendly device would test the soil instantaneously, accurately and would be cost-effective. This instrument is a step towards helping farmers to pursue scientific farming. While this would tremendously help in reducing soil degradation and exploitation due to excessive use of fertilizers it also would be a step towards improving productivity due to usage of the right fertilizer in the right quantity. The idea will also be associated with a Mobile Application that will predict the amount of fertilizers required for a particular crop the farmer wants to grow. A non-poisonous healthy food can be produced.

Accelerlab Technologies

INR 2.68 Lakhs

Arecanut is one of the important commercial crops of India and is concentrated in the South Western and North Western regions of India. Their grading is done normally into four types based on their quality and is done manually and is laborious. The team is automating the process using image processing techniques and Artificial Intelligence, to dehusks and grade it as per the quality by extracting the features. The team intends to improve on the efficiency and also the time of operation for the de-husking and grading.


INR 2.72 Lakhs

A major issue that bicycle riders face is unexpected flat tires and with an annual production of around 15 million units in India, the team looks at developing a viable solution to this issue. Unlike four-wheelers, riders cannot carry a puncture kit with them. To add to the woe, garages are not to be found too often on the Indian roads. The team is developing a kit that would be embedded near the suspension system. The linear motion of the suspension would be used to compress air into the compressor. This would be a plug-in that is compact, efficient, and feasible.

Touch Reno

INR 2.40 Lakhs

The team is developing a mobile application that will allow the customer to design or renovate the interior using their Phone. With a click of the space and the user would be able to virtually place furniture and other interior elements, view them, and plan a layout through the application. A user would then be able to compare different products, their sizes, and also the price. Then the user would be able to order the same products using the app. The user would also have options to take professional help through the consultants and reduce the chaos and trouble of designing the interiors.


INR 2.55 Lakhs

The team is deploying a platform-GODSend for the police force, firefighters, hospitals, or any emergency squad to get instant and briefly described scenarios of an incident around their locality or even beyond. The process initiates with a click, from the app on the user’s phone who captures photographs of the scenario. The app analyzes the image using Machine learning algorithms and the details like precise location of the capture such as city, locality as well as landmark which will be fetched from geolocator along with captured image and will be sent to firebase. This will be sorted and categorized to be displayed in the web front end to monitor, quickly respond and act immediately to reduce further damage or catastrophic effects.


TYDA Technologies
INR. 1.85 Lakhs

The team from Mechanical Engineering is developing a Neera Tapping machine. The device is to retrieve Neera, an energy drink from Coconut trees. The design is important as skilled manpower for the same is limited and the sector looks forward to such innovations. The prototype design has completed initial Indian Patent publishing.

Vajra Technomobiles
INR. 2.95 Lakhs

The motor-sport enthusiastic students from Mechatronics Engineering team are designing and developing high efficient electric two-wheelers with an application specific design approach based on customer interest and requirements. The team has registered as a Startup- Trividtrans Pvt. Ltd.

INR. 2.74 Lakhs

A Quadcopter for aerial surveying of the crops is beings developed by students from Aeronautical, Computer Science & Electronics students. The team is working on developing an advanced algorithm to identify diseases in crops using Machine Learning and imaging. It involves on-site analysis of the type of infection/disease and its prevention methods in a single session of field photo analysis using hyperspectral imaging.

Kitchen Yantra
INR. 2.35 Lakhs

This passionate team from Electronics & Communication Engineering is developing an IOT based smart home stock reminder. The SCHSA (Smart Cabinet for home stock alerting) system is provided IOT System including food product remainder system. Remainder system which will detect the presence of Items (Rice, Lentil, Wheat, etc.) stored in it, and that can be monitored by the dedicated mobile application. All the user smart devices and WSN nodes are connected through a wireless module to a centralized server. The central server maintains the user details which can be used for future analysis and that data are essential for grocery shops to improve the service and user experience.

INR. 2.15 Lakhs

This team from Mechatronics & Electronics Engineering is striving at providing a viable solution to the problems of arecanut growers, which is the predominant crop in the Dakshina Kannada and neighbouring places. The team is building an areca nut climber, pesticide sprayer and harvester that could be controlled using a remote. This holds great value as the region is experiencing huge shortage of skilled labourers who can do the task.

INR. 2.12 Lakhs

The young team from the Information Science is here to encorporate the best of the two world’s: technology & Ayurveda; A smartwatch that predicts probable ailments. The technology intervention proposed is based on the basic principle of Ayurveda i.e., the three Doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kafha. These Doshas can be used to find various diseases like fever, indigestions, flu, cough, cold, infections in the body, etc. The device also uses the factor of body temperature to detect diseases as well as pulse rate analysis along with a retinal scan.

Home Chef
INR. 1.56 Lakhs

With this App the team of entrepreneurs from Information Science intends to empower the local cooks and help to discover their skills and provides to them a platform to display and gain profit from their progress. It is an online food delivery chain with a specific target of local cuisines and chefs.

INR. 1.95 Lakhs

A step-closer to helping women in distress is this team from Electronics & Communication. The Smart Locket will act as a self-defense module for women. The module aids in getting quick response during emergency and victim can activate the locket which would send SOS messages as well as the location details along with real-time photographs.

INR. 2.85 Lakhs

This team from Mechatronics aims at helping people who do not have much area to grow crops. A terrace or a cabin space is all they need. The idea is to grow crops within a small area by providing a good nutrition supply. This is achieved by providing artificial lights using hydroponics. It is a method of growing plants in a water-based nutrient-rich solution. Hydroponics does not use soil; instead, the root system is supported using an inert medium such as perlite, Rockwool, clay pellets, peat moss, or vermiculite. Human interference is would be minimal.

INR. 2.75 Lakhs

With the millenials turning health conscious and involved in active healthcare lifestyles, the team from Electronics aims at tapping the possibility of having their chip embedded in the shoes. The project aims to generate electricity and store it in an inbuilt battery using piezoelectric material in shoes. This shoe will have a battery pack that will be charged as the person wearing the shoe walks. This shoe will have a charging port which can be used to charge the phone and other gadgets using a USB cable.

If you would want to take-off right away, write to us at We are here to help you turn your idea to reality!


The Incubation Center conducts 24 Hour Hackathon’s and Startup Summit every year in addition to numerous talks and workshops. In 2019 MITE hosted a one-day E-step Boot Camp in association with Start-up Karnataka and Karnataka Innovation and Technology Society (KITS), to empower student start-ups in the state. MITE has also been hosting the Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp in association with National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB) & Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII) Ahmedabad since the last three years. Also, the Center in association with the Intellectual Property Rights Cell conducts training on Patenting and the processes. The Center also co-hosted a TEQIP 1.3 sponsored One Week Workshop on Ideas to Reality for students in association with VTU Belagavi.

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Entrepreneurs from MITE

AlumniEntrepreneurial Venture
Mr. Sheraz H Shaikh
2010 – MBA
Proprietor – Sunshine Traders
Mr. Mohamad Azzan Patni
2011 – Information Sc & Engg
Director & Co-founder – Pace Wisdom Solutions
Mr. Madhukar H
2011 – Information Sc & Engg
Director & Co-founder – Pace Wisdom Solutions
Mr. Sumanth Shetty
2012 – Computer Sc & Engg
Managing Partner at AppInsight Technologies
Mr. Arun Bhat
2012 – Computer Sc & Engg
Director & Co-founder – Mindstack Technologies
Mr. Shazad Maved
2012 – Computer Sc & Engg
Director & Co-founder – Mindstack Technologies
Co-founder – Rakebots
Mr. Mohammad Anas
2012 – Computer Sc & Engg
Director – Trionix IT Solutions Pvt Ltd.
Mr. Manish Amin
2013 – Electronics & Communication Engg
COO & Director – Global 3D Labs
Web: www.origin.biotech
Mr. Donson D Souza
2015 – Mechanical Engg
COO & Co-founder – Blackfrog Technologies
Mr. Adithya Athri
2015 – Electronics & Communication Engg
Founder – SELO PRINT
Mr. Shashidhar
2016 – Electronics & Communication Engg
Mr. Vignesh Kini
2016 – Civil Engg
Proprietor – Mahalasa constructions
Mr. Mohammed Nizam
2016 – Civil Engg
Proprietor – Indo-Gulf Constructions
Ms. Kavya Narasimha
2017 – Electronics & Communication Engg
Founder – YAVAN
Mr. Sanjay Gowda
2017 – Civil Engg
Proprietor: MSC construction
Mr. Jithaksha G
2017 – Civil Engg
Proprietor: Dharithri Engineers and builders
Mr. Vinaykumar Manjunath Naik
2018 – Mechatronics Engg
Co-Founder: TRIVIDTRANS Private Limited
Mr. Ramesh K M
2018 – Mechatronics Engg
Co-Founder: TRIVIDTRANS Private Limited
Mr. Subhash M S
2018 – Mechatronics Engg
Founder: Technoclog Private Limited
Mr. Muhammed Shahzil Manikoth
2019 – Mechatronics Engg
Founder: Admore Digitals
Mr. Harshith Shetty V
2019 – Civil Engg
Proprietor: Clean Xpress
Mr.Sharath B S
2020 – Civil Engg
Proprietor: H Oak Engineering

If you would want to take-off right away, write to us at We are here to help you turn your idea to reality!


Prof. Narendra U P
College Coordinator,
MITE Incubation Center
​Director (Placements, Training and Industry Relations)
Mr. Swaroop G
K-Tech – District Innovation Associate,
MITE Incubation Center