MITE is driven by its prominent objective of rendering a talent, and skills while promoting avid growth in students. SENTIA, a realistic rendition of these dreams, is an annual festival in the campus to encourage, inspire and cultivate an unveiling of pure human talent. SENTIA, a word of the French origin meaning ‘Rhythmic Lovely Expressions’, truly depicts the purpose of the event.

SENTIA has been a trademark fest of MITE since the institute’s inception. From 2010, SENTIA extended beyond the district and became a state level intercollegiate fest where numerous students from various colleges across the state actively participate. SENTIA has always promoted a platform for passionate individuals while maintaining an atmosphere that is unique, exuberant and enthralling. Join us, as we engage in an exploration of grace across various forms of literary, cultural, arts, management, and off beat events.

Bollywood gliterrati unplugged at MITE

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