Dr. Jayashri Shetty


Dr. Jayashri Shetty

Position: Associate Professor
Phone: #

Educational Qualification

M.Com, M.Phil , Ph.D,(MBA)

Total Experience

31 Years

Areas of Interest

  • Finance
  • Corporate accounting
  • Investment management
  • Business law and Corporate ethics

Subjects Handled

  • Corporate Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Financial Services and Investment Banking
  • Risk Management and Insurance
  • Business law
  • Investment management

Workshops / FDPs / SDPs / STTPs Attended/Conducted


Conference / Journal Publications

  • Dr Jayashri Shetty, Trends and Status of Corporate Social Responsibility in Karnataka: An Empirical Study in “International Journal of Indian Economic Light” with ISSN 2277-3142, January – December 2019.
  • Dr Jayashri Shetty, Determinants and Dimensions of Corporate commitment to Social Responsibility: A study with reference to Large Scale Units in Karnataka in “International Journal of Asian Economic Light” with ISSN 2277-7741, July 2019.
  • Dr Jayashri Shetty, Millennium Development Goals and Corporate Social Responsibility of Large Scale Units in Karnataka: An Empirical Study in “International Journal of Trend in Research and Development” with ISSN 2394 – 9333, August 2017.
  • Dr Jayashri Shetty, Mutual funds and Portfolio Management Services published in International journal “Commerce Window” with ISSN no. 2348-6996, July-December 2016.
  • Dr Jayashri Shetty, Content Analysis of Corporate Web Pages published in “Journal of Business Ethics” with ISSN number1573-0697, November – December 2013.
  • Dr Jayashri Shetty, Corporate Social Responsibility: a means for Inclusive Growth published in “International Journal for Multidisciplinary and Academic Research” with ISSN number 2278-5973, November 2013.
  • Dr Jayashri Shetty, Corporate Social Responsibility in Large Scale Units of Karnataka published in the book “Contemporary Issues in Ethics, Corporate Governance and IFRS” with ISBN number   978-93-81195-25-3, May 2012.