Offering truly Global Education since 13 years

Mangalore Institute of Technology & Engineering (MITE) established in the year 2007 today stands tall with 3000+ students, 180+ Faculty, offering 8 Undergraduate Programs in Engineering, 2 Post Graduate Programs in Engineering, Master of Business Administration (MBA) and 7 Research Programs. The institution is recognized by All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE), New Delhi and is affiliated to one of India’s largest technical university, Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belagavi.

AICTE Approval :

LOA : 2007-08


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“To attain perfection in providing Globally Competitive Quality Education to all our Students and also benefit the global community by using our strength in Research and Development


“To establish world class educational institutions in their respective domains, which shall be centers of excellence in their Stated and Implied sense. To achieve this objective we dedicate ourselves to meet the Challenges of becoming Visionary and Realistic, Sensitive and Demanding, Innovative and Practical and Theoretical and Pragmatic; All at the same time”

Core Values

  • Passion and commitment: We strive to work with passion and commitment in all our activities towards the ultimate good of the society.
  • Making a difference: We strive to make a positive difference in the lives of all our students and the future generation by going beyond curriculum and academics.
  • Family culture: We believe in inculcating and nurturing a ‘MITE FAMILY’ culture among all the staff, students, alumni and all those who associate with us.
  • Care for the environment: We strive to work with utmost care for the Nature creating a serene and conducive environment for quality education and research.

Policy Statement

MITE is committed to impart quality education in a serene, conducive environment with extreme care for nature in all the activities conducted towards the ultimate good of society. 

The objectives of the policy in promoting sustainability and environmental  awareness are:

  • To ensure sustainable Green Campus through landscaping with trees and plants, reduce air pollution, and maintain a plastic-free environment.
  • To conserve water resources by Rain Water Harvesting, recharging of bore wells, recycling of wastewater, and maintaining a clean water distribution system.
  • To reduce energy consumption, energy waste and to promote clean energy resources.
  • To handle and dispose of degradable and non-degradable waste through safe and environmentally sustainable methods.
  • To educate the students and the staff on sustainable development, conservation of natural resources and encourage them to work in an environmentally responsible manner.

To inspire the students and the faculty to involve in collaborative research, innovative projects, start-ups related to environmental issues, sustainable solutions, and rural development, and also to contribute to national-level initiatives by the government.

Our “MISSION” and the “CORE VALUES” are translated to achieve and sustain highest level of Satisfaction, in fact, Delight of all stakeholders of MITE. It is important to understand that this can be achieved only by everyone associated with MITE working as an integral part of MITE, delivering products and services of the organization to meet the stated and implied needs and expectations of the student community, in particular. All staff members of MITE should be committed to working on continuous improvement of our products and services with proper problem solving and problem preventing methodologies and its true realization lies in the achievement of every student as reflected by satisfaction and delight of every one of our stakeholders.

As a progressive organization operating in competitive environments and engaged in teaching and imparting knowledge, and conducting research in associated fields, we do understand that students constitute an important group of our stakeholders.  When the students are on our campus, they are considered to be away from their parents, and we, as MITE are committed to assume and perform parental role as well, and this shall, as should be reflected in the code of conduct, appearing below for students, and this, we hope everyone will understand, welcome and appreciate. The broad guiding principles of running the organization are based on trust and confidence and any breach of trust and confidence on anyone’s part shall be severely dealt with.



  1. All staff members should maintain absolute integrity, emotional identity and highest level of passion for their professional, personal and organizational performance and also maintain highest standards of discipline.
  2. All staff members should understand and abide by the values, rules and regulations of the organization and work with a spirit of cooperation in a totally integrated fashion to deliver high-quality organizational products and services.
  3. All our students shall be treated alike irrespective of various and diverse factors and should be provided with individual attention for growth and wellbeing.
  4. No malpractices should be encouraged or tolerated and staff members should, by their involvement and direct immediate action, provide for smooth and fair playing ground to every student in every area of operation, aimed at their individual growth and consistent performance to make all students, competent professionals and excellent human beings, at large.
  5. Methods of teaching should be constantly reviewed, improved and innovated such that teaching is extremely effective to the weakest of the students without becoming non-interesting to strong students.
  6. Keeping in line with and in complete resonance with the Core Values cherished by MITE, all staff members are to maintain constant and thorough vigil against all evils like provoking, threatening, intimidation, use of alcoholic beverages and banned drugs, ragging, gender discrimination, sexual harassment and all such activities including violation of safety standards, adversely affecting the good order and discipline of the entire campus.
  7. All staff members shall effectively and completely own up MITE in all their transactions with students and their parents/guardians who are our valued group of stakeholders and every interaction with them should be orchestrated such that it leaves a positive residue.



  1. All students should be fully focused and completely committed to their studies as well as to excellent human behavior while on the campus or even outside. They should make all attempts to be in passionate love with all their subjects in the curriculum and should eagerly look forward to acquiring knowledge and learning far beyond their syllabus.
  2. The success of teaching-learning process, to a great extent, depends on the willingness, wantedness and enthusiasm of the students. While teachers are very well equipped to teach them even far beyond their syllabus into greater depths of the subjects, students should well receive the deliverables as an excellent group of stakeholders to make full use of it for their bright future.
  3. All students are expected to treat MITE staff Members, teaching as well as non-teaching, as senior members of their family with consideration, fellow feeling and due respect as they are always.
  4. Students shall never resort to any malpractice, whatsoever, in any of their activities, including interpersonal relationships with other students and MITE staff members. Students should develop, cultivate and maintain discipline throughout their association with the college and all time to come, thereafter.
  5. Students should be totally committed to perfect their learning methods, and should well remember that, while teaching is the ultimate responsibility of the teachers, learning is, completely the responsibility of the students, and attempts to delegate this to the teachers shall never bear any fruit.
  6. All students are to maintain constant and thorough vigil against all evils like provoking, threatening, intimidation, use of alcoholic beverages and banned drugs, ragging, gender discrimination, sexual harassment and all such activities including violation of safety standards, Persons involving in any such and all other related evils should be immediately reported to competent authorities in the college for prompt remedial action.

Experienced Faculty with Research orientation & Industry experience

Faculty with Ph.D from Universities across the world
Adjunct & Industry Faculty
Publications every year
2 Crore
Research projects in progress
Patents granted
Book Authors
Faculty Development Program Every Year

A World Class Infrastructure

MITE sets the right ambiance for students with exemplary infrastructure and an ambiance that sets the pace. The campus provides the best to students through fully air-conditioned Classroom, laboratories of international standards, Centers of Excellence in over 60000 sq.ft built-up area for academic activities, and best-in-class Sports & recreational facilities.