Mrs. Ashwini A Kamath


Mrs. Ashwini A Kamath

Position: Assistant Professor
Phone: #

Educational Qualification : MSc. (PhD)

Total Experience : 12.5 years

Areas of Interest : Teaching, Literature & Arts.

Departmental Responsibilities: NBA Coordinator

Professional Memberships : Nil

Subjects Handled : Engineering Chemistry and Engineering Chemistry Lab

Workshops / FDPs / SDPs / STTPs Attended/Conducted : 5

Conference / Journal Publications :

  • Ashwini A Kamath, Dr.Nandini R,“Removal of malachite green dye in aqueous solution by Activated Custard apple (Annona Squamosa) Peel Powder”International Journal of Applied Chemistry , November 2018, 0973-1792.
  • Ashwini A Kamath, Nandini R , Vishweshwara M , “Comparative Study of Removal Efficiency of Cationic Dyes by Chromolaena odorata weed powder” , International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 2020, 11776-789.

Funded Projects : nil