Mrs. Rishma Mary George


Mrs. Rishma Mary George

Position: Assistant Professor
Phone: #

Educational Qualification   

 B.E- Electronics and Communication Engineering

M.Tech- VLSI Design & Embedded Systems


8.3 Years(Teaching)

Area of Interest 

 Embedded System, VLSI 

Professional Membership   

  • Life Member of ISTE: LM 117774
  • IAENG :255676

Subject Handled             

  •  Basic Electrical Engineering
  • Embedded System Design
  • Field Theory
  • Information Theory & Coding
  • Network Security
  • Electromagnetic Waves
  • Network & Cyber Security
  • Verilog HDL

Workshops / FDPs / SDPs / STTPs Attended/Conducted 


Conference / Journal Publications 

International Conference

  • Lalasawmliani Fanchun and Mrs.Rishma Mary George  Presented a paper titled “A System for Automatic Detection of fake Logos “in 2nd International conference on recent trends in Signal processing, Image processing & VLSI organized by Don Bosco Institute of Technology on 15th& 16th May 2015
  • Prasanna Poojari and Mrs.Rishma mary george presented a paper titled “ A Cost -Effective Automated Smart Nursery System for growing plants efficiently “in International Conference on Emerging Trends In Science and Engineering Organised by Coorg Institute Of Technology on 11th and 12 th May 2017 and published in the international Journal of emerging research in management and technology ISSN 2278-9359 Volume:06 Issue :05
  • Presented a paper titled “Power Generation by Moving Vehicles on Speed Breaker Using Bicycle Pedal Mechanism” Emerging Trends and Challenges in Circuit to System Design (IETCCSD 2020) 6th and 7 th August , 2020.

International Journal

  • Lalasawmliani Fanchun and Mrs.Rishma Mary George published a paper titled “An Effective Logo Matching And Recognition based on Context Dependent Similarity Method in the International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology Volume 20 issue 5 2015.
  • Rishma Mary George, Mahita Bangera, Abhishek A.,Zaid Mohammed published paper titled “Coal Mine Safety Monitoring Device”, Journal of Critical Reviews, Vol.7 (2020), pp.3233-3237, ISSN- 2394-5125.
  • Anjani Hegde, Rishma Mary George, Ranjith H D, Nischitha L, Bhargavi K Rao Published paper titled “An Efficient Kannada Language Based Agricultural Helpline System for Agriculturist Using IoT” in the International Journal of Grid and Distributed Computing Vol. 13, No. 2, (2020), pp. 1077 – 1081.
  • Ranjith H D, Rishma Mary George, Anjani published paper titled “Tactile Braillie Display Using Relay Switch” in the International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, Volume 29(7), 11086-11091.

National Conference

  • Rishma Mary George Presented a paper titled Cost effective Smart Nursery For growing seasonal Plants Efficiently at NCIS 2017 organized by school of Information Sciences,Manipal 2017.

Funded Projects               

  •  Power Generation from wasted Energy of moving vehicle using speed breaker was sponsored by KSCST with a grant of 4000 /-