MITE is Top Performing Institution in RPA Academic Champ 2019

MITE - UiPath Academic Challenge

MITE is recognized as Top Performing Institution in the first UiPath Academic challenge 2019, which was conducted between 20th October – 30th November 2019. The event saw 20,000+ students explore the power of UiPath Robot’s simplifying daily tasks. A total of 1,970 Students from MITE participated in this Nationwide event. This effort lays a strong foundation to driving UiPath’s vision of a Robot for every student in the coming months.

Robotic Process Automation is opening up new doors and possibilities for technology and students who want to build a successful career in it. UiPath wanted to encourage students to take their steps into RPA early so that they get an early advantage. UiPath Academic Challenge was a initiative to help them achieve that goal. It was an online contest to test their RPA knowledge to know where they stand and how far they need to go with their RPA skills. It also had an advantage for institution because students get to learn the top and latest technologies in the industry today.

The college with the maximum registrations wins a special “UiPath Academic Challenge Top Participating college” certificate. The college with the maximum number of correct entries will win the “The UiPath Academic Challenge Top Performing college” certificate.