“Best Design Award” at All India Eco Kart Championship 2017 & 2018


The ‘Team Octon’ consisting of students from Mechatronics Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering department participated in the All India Design and Development of Eco friendly car Competition – Eco-Kart 2018.

About Eco-Kart Championship:
Eco kart Championship is a national event for student persuing engineering degree/diploma. The
competition is to design and fabricate a single passenger Kart which is operated via a battery. This is the IV season of the competition. The Competition will not only help students build interest towards automobiles, but also help them incorporate team work and management skills within themselves.

The eco-friendly kart was evaluated in three different stages. Initial stage of evaluation through online video conference. In this level, among 103 teams only 54 teams were eligible for next level of evaluation. College level Technical Inspection evaluation to check if the kart satisfied all the required parameters as per the rule book of Eco kart. Final stage of design evaluation were 54 Karts were scrutinized; the team OCTON of MITE students are awarded the best design with the title as Best Design – Eco Kart 2018 with Cash Prize of Rs. 15,000/- for the innovative design features.