MoU with National Highways Authority of India

July 09th, 2020
Mangalore Institute of Technology and Engineering (MITE) Moodabidri has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) on 09th  July 2020. With this agreement, NHAI will provide the list of potential National Highway stretches to the Civil Engineering Department at MITE which would facilitate the implementation of the project by providing relevant data through field office/consultant/concessionaire/contractor in the project and would also have an officer as a point of contact. As a part of road infrastructure in country, NHAI is providing an opportunity to faculty, researchers and Engineering students to improve existing NH roads near to our institute (NH-169) by conducting periodic detailed investigations, suggestions and feedbacks by preparing detailed reports on NH roads.

In order to fill the bridge gap between Industry and Institute, NHAI has concern to provide internships to few of our students which has to be decided mutually between our Institute and NHAI. Our Institute may provide consultancy services during conceptualisation, design and project preparation stages and also can suggest innovative technologies based upon site,
topography for better socio economic outcomes. NHAI may support to develop lab infrastructure in our Institute and they are also interested to sponsor relevant research projects which will help as an alternative resource material during construction of roads. In addition NHAI is also having concern to few areas like improvement in safety provision, improvement in continual
mentainance of stretch using new technologies, localized solutions for removal of congestion points theirby increasing the average speed of traffic flow, improvements in the riding comforts through cost effective measures based on the innovative technologies on practices applicable in the area, viability of new wayside amenities for road user based on the existing traffic pattern
and user expectations and also potential solutions to old/recurring problems based on local experience etc. The agreement with NHAI, India will boost the mission in grooming young minds and turn them into professionals with high intellectual capabilities and strong technical background.


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