Academic Regulations (Autonomous)


As we stand at the cusp of a rapidly changing world, education remains the cornerstone of innovation, growth, and progress. At the Mangalore Institute of Technology & Engineering (MITE), we recognize the pivotal role that structured and well-defined academic guidelines play in shaping the next generation of thinkers, doers, and leaders.

The Academic Regulations are meticulously designed to provide a coherent and comprehensive framework that supports the academic pursuits of our students and faculty. These regulations are a testament to MITE’s commitment to maintaining high standards of education, ensuring fairness, fostering discipline, and instilling a deep-seated sense of responsibility among its learners.

While framing these regulations, it was our utmost priority to align them with the Institution’s vision and mission, emphasizing academic integrity, continuous learning, and holistic development. Every clause and provision here serves as a beacon, guiding our students and faculty through their journey at MITE.

It is imperative for all stakeholders – students, faculty, and staff – to familiarize themselves with these regulations, as they form the bedrock of our educational processes. Adherence to these norms ensures a seamless academic experience, fostering an environment conducive to discovery, innovation, and excellence.

We also acknowledge the dynamic nature of academia and remain open to refining these regulations in line with the evolving needs of our community and the broader educational landscape. We encourage active participation and feedback from our community, ensuring that MITE continues to be at the forefront of academic distinction.

This Academic Regulations should not just be viewed as a compilation of rules but as a reflection of our collective ethos, aspirations, and the unwavering commitment to the pursuit of knowledge, marked by passion, perseverance, and purpose.

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