Induction Program

We at MITE believe that there are two main aspects leading to good education, a supportive, nurturing environment and exposure to growing technological innovations along with right human values. Thus conducted a three-week induction program in line with the AICTE guidelines from August 6, 2018, to August 25, 2018. The Induction program served as a strong foundation for the first year students for beginning their journey. The induction program started with a brief on academic regulations, placement and training, and boarding rules. Principal, Dr. G L Easwara Prasad briefed about the college and Mr. Rajesh Chouta, Chairman addressed the parents and their role in their wards’ academic progress.

The Induction program then made way for a plethora of extracurricular activities that looked to infuse the young minds with creativity and enhance their professionalism. The sessions dealt with personality development, self-development, time management, mind control and focus attributes that are essential in every profession. Engaging talks which laid parallels on how such factors go hand in hand in shaping the lives of individuals captivated and inspired the students. Sessions on Self-Development, time management were conducted by experts. Apart from conducting sessions for developing professionalism, the college also focused on the improvement of creativity and communication skills in its students.

The roundup of activities like letter writing, essay writing, extempore, and Email etiquettes was set out envisioning the same. Swami Sanandana Das took up sessions on mind control and focus. The attendees attained valuable insights on how to control one’s mind of numerous thoughts. Lectures by eminent personalities like Mr. Babar Ali of the youngest headmaster of India fame, Dr. Jayaprakash K, Professor, Forensic Sciences, Dr. Shikaripura Krishnamurthy, Coach, and trainer dealt with Setting goals, Drug Abuse, and Personality development.

Also, visit orphanages, old age homes and foster homes for specially-abled children under the leadership of MITE Youth Red Cross & NSS Chapter were conducted to inculcate a sense of social responsibility and for fostering human interaction and instilling virtues. The sessions on Universal human values indeed gave space to students to explore oneself and experience the joy of learning, preparing themselves to stand up to peer pressure and make decisions with courage be aware of relationships, be sensitive to others and face the world with confidence and positive outlook. In addition, sessions on gender equality, human values, and team building were conducted. The students were familiarized with their respective departments and also about the various facilities at the institution.